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100% Thai Silk

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Silk of Siam is 100% Thai silk, handwoven and hand-dyed. Our scarves, clothing, and silk accessories are of the finest quality, but prices are well below market. Most of our silk is made in a village in northeastern Thailand as part of the OTOP program (where villages are taught a craft in order to be able to earn wages)   where fine silk weavers make silk according to traditional patterns for us. We make silk items for fine fashion houses in Thailand, North America, and Europe, but by bringing them directly to you, we can offer them at far lower prices than otherwise possible. Same high quality, much lower prices. And at from 20-35% of your retail price, your profits will be quite nice!

We offer a wide range of silk scarves, from the budget-friendly one-color styles to the beautiful and unique "Napho," an ikat woven design, the "Min," a silk designed for the European market, and the "Double Yarn," an exquisite design developed by two of our weavers.  No matter your market, we have a silk scarf which will fit your needs and contribute significantly to your bottom line.

To see some of our silk scarves, please click on the style links below:

Stock Scarves
One Color One Color Soft Scrap Mangkud Napho
Lok New Lok Lok Quad Buriram Nontre
Double Lok Multi-Lok Buri Min Thon

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For ordering information,


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For information, e-mail us at kiwi at silkofsiam dot com .


925 Cascade Light Ave
North Las Vegas, NV
(702) 978-1375

189/106 Ratirom Fifth
Bang Khun Kong, Bang Krui
Nonthaburi  11300   




Accessories the Show (New York City)  July 31-Aug 2
LA Mart(Los Angeles)  Jul 22-26





Please Note

As some of you know, Jonathan sold Silk of Siam when he was sent to Iraq.  The person who took over the company let is slide, so Kiwi and Jonathan reclaimed it.  We are happy to be back and look forward to the future.

Silk of Siam, Fine Silk from Thailand

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Hospitals/Oncology Clinics, click here for a special offer.

For  a short history on Thai silk and the women's cooperative which makes most of our silk, click here.


Silk of Siam is licensed for business in Clark County, Nevada, and is a DBA of Pamonrat Brazee.